Why I Left

Read the full length Survivor Stories of other missionaries and ex-missionaries told in their own words

 “We were required to sign a liability form on behalf of our children to ensure that the organization would never be held responsible for anything that happened to them while overseas no matter who was responsible. We felt this was wrong and that it made our children even more vulnerable to potential predators within the organization with no accountability.”

– Anonymous

“I was subject to unethical counseling and financial abuse by the organization, under the guise of “Biblical leadership” and submission to my team leader. After three years in the group, and with help from folks on the outside, I finally left.” – Anonymous

“I was told I was being divisive when I tried to raise legitimate concerns about unhealthy leadership patterns and sexism in the organization. As a consequence, I was subject to formal punishment by the group leaders. I was ostracized by the community and my entire family was isolated. After months of this, we decided to leave. This decision was costly in every way, but I’m glad we did it.” – Dalaina May, former Team Leader, PIONEERS