See our Just for Parents and MKs page for resources particularly for missionary kids and their parents.

  • Survivor Stories – see this page for the links to the stories of other missionaries and ex-missionaries told in their own words

  • Books
  • Articles
  1. The Dynamics of Scapegoating in Small Groups
  2. Guidelines for Spiritually Abused Persons
  3. Shame and Silence: Recognizing Spiritual Abuse
  4. Basic Facts About Collusion
  5. What is Spiritual Abuse?
  6. Sexual Abuse in Christian Organizations
  7. Failure to Act (why people fail to intervene when intervention is needed)
  • Podcasts & Videos
  1. Almost Heretical: Wade Mullen on Church Abuse and Cover-Up
  2. Martyr, She Wrote – a religious trauma podcast hosted by an MK turned trauma therapist
  3. The Liturgists: Spiritual Trauma
  4. Parenting Forward: Parenting After Religious Trauma Series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  5. VIDEO International Cultic Studies Association’s Spiritual Abuse
  6. You Have Permission Podcast #103 on Religious Disorientation and Growth.
  • Websites
  1. Journey Free – support and information for those who have experienced religious trauma
  2. Religious Trauma Institute – information and resources for mental health professionals and survivors of mental trauma
  3. Herman Law Clergy Sexual Abuse FAQ – a document put together as a legal resource for victims considering legal action due to clergy sexual abuse
  4. The Clergy Project – an online community for former clergy and religious leaders who no longer believe in the supernatural
  5. Male Survivor – a support network for male sexual abuse and assault survivors
  6. So You’re Deconstructing – a resource website for those experiencing a faith crisis
  7. Empathy Paradigm – a resources for those deconstructing or who have experienced religious trauma. Both coaching and licensed counselors. We especially recommend it for those in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Therapy/Counseling/Debriefing
  1. International Therapist Directory -in person and online options all over the world
  2. The Reclamation Collective – counselors and therapists with training in religious trauma, spiritual abuse, and adverse religious experiences
  3. The Oaks Counseling – a Christian-based non-profit specializing in counseling Christian missionaries and offers debriefings as well as trauma counseling
  4. Kay Bruner – a missionary kid turned missionary turned counselor who specializes in cross-cultural workers who are “deconstructing.” She offers a 30 day boundaries course on her website as well as many worthwhile blog posts
  5. Room to Thrive – the website of Brian Peck who specialized in religious trauma and offers therapy and coaching, particularly for those who are going through deconstruction and deconversion
  6. Kelsey Hoff Counseling – A Canadian-based therapist specializing in helping clients navigating religious deconstruction and the effects of adverse religious experiences and spiritual abuse. Online therapy available.
  7. Dallas Therapy Collective – a large group of licensed therapist with a multitude of specialties including many therapists specializing in Religious Trauma. Online and in person.
  • Legal and Investigative Services
  1. G.R.A.C.E (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) – provides independent investigations as well as organizational assessments and consultations in Christian churches, schools, and missions agencies
  2. Boz Tchividjian – a litigator who specializes in criminal and civil cases on behalf of survivors of abuse, particularly those in a religious context
  3. Crew Janci LLP – a legal firm that specializes in abuse cases against religious institutions
  4. Herman Law – a legal firm specializing in representing victims of clergy sexual abuse