Just For Parents and MKs

Parenting in the middle of overwhelming trauma, grief, and abuse is one of the most difficult challenges that life can give us. If you have survived, give yourself the grace and respect that you deserve. This was so difficult as you tried to take care of yourself while also trying to shield your children from suffering and abuse. If they were caught in the crossfire or if they were the targets of the abuse, it is not your fault. And there is healing for them as well.

Below you will find a list of resources for Missionary Kids in particular. These are vetted by missionaries and MKs who have experienced trauma on the field and found them valuable.

* If your child has experienced direct trauma, please refer to the list of counselors and therapists on the Resources page. The best thing you can do to help your child heal from trauma or abuse is to enlist the help of a licensed, professional therapist who has experience with both trauma and Third Culture Kids (TCK) issues.

  • Books
  • Articles and Podcasts
  1. Suffer the little children: Guarding Children and Young People against Spiritual Abuse
  2. Tips for MKs in a Season of Grief
  3. Creating Smooth Transitions (how to help your child build a R.A.F.T.)
  4. Parenting Forward: Parenting After Religious Trauma Series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  • MK Specific Websites and Organizations
  1. Missionary Kids Safety Net – a support organization for MKs, particularly for those who have experienced abuse or trauma overseas
  2. Michele Phoenix – an MK turned TCK advocate, author, and consultant
  3. Flourish and Splat is available to travel and meet families on location or connect virtually to coach through the challenges of being a TCK and how to use art processing to stay emotionally healthy. 

  • TCK Specific Debriefing and Re-entry Programs
  1. Missionary Training Institute’s CHIPS Program (USA) – a non-therapeutic debriefing/reentry program that runs parallel to the adult DAR program. It is not appropriate for processing trauma, but typical MK difficulties are addressed and strategies for navigating life back in the USA.