About Recovering Missionaries

Recovering Missionaries exists to offer support and resources to former Christian missionaries who are recovering from painful and even traumatic experiences during their time of service.

For years, missionaries who have served overseas have been harmed through many forms of abuse. Some forms of abuse are obvious like sexual or physical abuse. Other types of abuse like financial abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, and religious abuse are far more insidious and difficult to name.

Because missions communities are often isolated and insulated, toxicity reaches into the missionary’s personal life as well as professional life. The loss can be overwhelming. Missionaries who experience abuse on the field may lose their jobs, their purpose, their closest friends, and their spiritual community all at once, and it takes years to recover from the experience.

Unfortunately, many former missionaries who experienced trauma, especially if the abuse came from trusted co-workers and friends, struggle with telling their story to their loved ones back home. Who can really understand what it was like to be an expat missionary except for those who have walked the same road?  Who can really understand what it is like to walk through trauma and abuse in that context but others who have lived it too?

Recovering Missionaries is a community that understands because we have lived it too. We know the heartbreak, and we also believe that healing is possible.